The City Tour

The City tour in Zierikzee

Whether you are new to Zierikzee or have lived here for years, the Zierikzee city tour is worth it!

Zierikzee has a city center with a rich history. The old town hall, the city center rich in stories, and the ports are some of the many touristic attractions. On top of that, Zierikzee has a number of beautiful medieval city gates that give a glimpse of what the city looked like during the Golden Age.

The unique places in Zierikzee all have a story to tell, from the time of monks and knights to the time of the big flood in 1953. Our guides are there to tell you these stories personally during the city tour in Zierikzee

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If you have any questions during the city walk, you can of course ask our guide, and do they no know the answer? Then we will of course come back to you afterwards to let you know everything you want to know.

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We ask you kindly to book your tour in advance. If you would like to make a city tours you will need to make a reservation. You will find our contact form using the following link here.